Milltown thrives on Culture, the art of tattoo,hot rods,Low brow art, and rock 'n' roll.

Milltown is a tattoo shop, not an art gallery. But we have plenty to keep your eyes busy. You can feel comfortable and at ease knowing that any of our artists will make your tattoo a reality in a sterile, clean, badass environment. Let's crank some tunes, and do some killer artwork on you.

Our usual and new clients mean the world to us. We do our best to give you a fair price and the best artwork to our ability. We don't want you in our chair only once, we want you back to see us again and again.

Tattoo & Piercing Shop in Palmer, Massachusetts. The History of the Palmer Milltown revolves around the local Mills in the area and the jobs that they used to provide.

Along with their introduction, infrastructure was developed to accommodate all of the families working for the Mills,essentially building its own ecosystem.This all changed when most of the U.S's labour and production was outsourced to China and other low wage countries.

The art and culture brought here from the many immigrant cultures is what Inspires us.Our goal at Milltown is to give you a rewarding visit as you experience the history of our amazing town,while also getting some great Ink.