How To Care For Your Tattoo

  1. Approx 4 hours remove bandage.Remove slowly under running water and lightly brush all blood and oitment from tattooed area.

  2. Light wash area with antibacterial soap, rinse and dry lightly. Allow to air for 15 min or so. Apply a very thin layer of A&D ointments. Do not overdo it. Air is the best healer.

  3. Repeat 5-6 days or until majority of crust is gone.

  4. After this use a non scented lotion. It's ok to use a non-scented lotion like aquafor or after 3 or 4 days of A&D ointments... again dont over do it. Also, call if you have any questions.(Lubriderm,Utter Cream, etc.)

  5. Do not itch or pick during healing.

  6. Avoid pools, hot tubs, direct sunlight, etc during healing.

  7. Keep it clean,clean,clean.