Must me 18 or older with a positive ID. Please call to book your appointment. A small deposit is required for first time clients, which comes off the total tattoo cost.

Milltown Ink stands by its work. If when the tattoo is healed and something is not to your 100% expectation we offer free touch ups within 6 months of the tattoo. As long as you yourself did not create the issue, Examples of this are pulling crust, sunburn, hot tub, pool, E.C.T.


Most piercings range from 25$ to 60$ and prices include starter jewelry. We also offer dermal piercings. No genital piercings...You may ask "why?" and the answer is simple, I don't want to. Must be 18 or older with positive ID. Between 16 and 18 with parent or legal guardian and proof of legal guardianship.

Clicking one of the names provided will show you some of the work each individual has done.

If you're interested in their specific art style you can call 1-413-283-6170 and ask for their name.